Plenty of Fish Reveals Surge in Messaging for UK Singles During "The Festive Four"

礼物已经打开,火鸡吃了,大日子过去了。现在是12月27日,and we're now in the middle of an odd holiday limbo – done with celebrating Christmas,但热切地等待新年前夜。虽然我们中的一些人可能会和所爱的人在一起,catching up on work,或者恢复心灵的平静(以及对人类的善意);大量的鱼is revealing another way UK singles are spending their time between December 27th to December 30th…you guessed it: online!

Meeting the Parents: How to Make Your First Holiday Visit Stress-Free

For most people,假期意味着有充足的家庭时间,可以带来欢笑和亲密,或者紧张和不安—sometimes both in the span of just one visit.This is especially true if you're spending the holidays with a significant other and meeting the parents for the first time.


There are certain times of the year when there is more of a focus on whether you're in a relationship or not.If we can put aside the dreaded Valentine's day for now,那么圣诞节一定是最重要的。

一望无际的浪漫喜剧充斥着电视节目,and all of them seem to end with a happily-ever-after-beginning kiss,恰到好处地赶上了大雪的到来。

Back in reality,a lot of us are watching the credits roll from our singly occupied bed,wondering why we still haven't had that perfect movie finish.




Stocking Stuffers for Your Sweetie



All these items are fairly inexpensive but still thoughtful – You will be amazed with what you can get for $15 and under:


傻袜子 –培根爱好者的主题袜子,mustache grower,beer drinker and much more.

7年笔– For the busy worker bee who isn't taking too much time off this holiday.现在他们平均每天可以写5.5英尺-得分!

彩色流行化妆品 – Your one stop shop for wallet friendly lipsticks.Not sure what colour to get guys?Take a peak in your gf's makeup bag!

Cute Pocket Mirror –适合每位外出女性的完美配饰。


药剂师旅行套装 – Travel in style with these elegantly designed bottles,罐,还有标签。

拖鞋袜 – Not quite slippers and not quite socks,但他们是什么!?拖鞋袜!This hybrid will make for the coziest of Xmas mornings.

Muddler and Mixing Spoon– Mojitos coming right up!

定制围裙– Bon Appetit

星巴克礼品卡 –这个冬天我们都需要喝一杯乔酒来保持温暖。

抓取并获胜– You never betway手机版know,这可能是你的幸运日。


沐浴炸弹 – Sizzle in the bath with your sweetheart on Xmas Eve.



胡须油– The grooming essential for all mustached men.

老式糖果趣味DIP婴儿奶瓶爆裂,塔恩,推普你说出它的名字;there's nothing like taking a trip down memory lane.


简单首饰– Jewelry doesn't always have to break the bank.

"What I Love About You" Book– You buy the book and fill in the blanks with all the things you love about your Boo.可爱极了!


Holiday Shopping For Your New SO Made Easier

Spending the holidays with a new significant other is romantic and exciting.你可以创造新的回忆,建立自己的节日传统。在最近建立的关系中送礼物,然而,is not so simple.

很难确定要花多少钱,也很难找到一份能传达正确信息的礼物-我喜欢你,but I'm not rushing into this.如果你对送礼物感到压力,别担心,我们有一些建议和礼物的想法,你需要让你的另一个重要的购物更容易一点。


虽然这可能会吸引你为你的新S.O.找到一个甜蜜的假期惊喜,it can be awkward if one person gives a gift but the other does not.在谈话中随便提出来,像:"I really love exchanging Christmas gifts and was planning to get you something,这样行吗?”

提起这件事可能看起来很尴尬,但最好把它公开,以避免出现不舒服的情况。更不用说,you can find out how your new boyfriend or girlfriend feels about holiday shopping,while setting some gift-giving criteria like a pre-determined price range.如果他或她不参加礼物交换,或是因为假日购物太忙,同意今年不做礼物或是等待另一个场合,比如生日或情人节。


“自己动手”对于新的S.O.S.来说,礼物是很聪明的,因为它们需要思考和努力,但仍然很便宜。例如,如果你的男朋友或女朋友要回家度假,你可以做一个度假救生包。没有灵感?从中选择list of 20 ideas,put together by Dwelling in Happiness.

如果你们俩都很狡猾,challenge each other to come up with the best DIY gift.You can even go to the craft store together and choose your materials for a fun holiday date night;don't forget the hot coco and holiday movie when you get home.


Some of the simplest gifts are the most meaningful,especially in a new relationship when you're learning so much about one another.下面是一些简单的想法,它们将有很长的路要走:

  • 播放列表:Because some ideas never go out of style— this is the digital version of the classic mix tape.把你认为他们会喜欢的歌编出来,based on what you've learned so far.或者,为他们创建一个播放列表,播放你一直以来最喜欢的歌曲,这样他们就可以在欣赏好音乐的同时,了解更多关于你的信息。
  • 框架照片:如果你的新S.O有一个特别重要的家庭成员,考虑找一张他们的旧照片并把它框起来。如果他们失去了父母或祖父母,this can be a touching gift.更好的是,在第一次约会时给你们俩拍张照片,as a way to remember where it all began.
  • A piece of home:如果你的新男朋友或女朋友离家很远,buy something related to their hometown.怀旧有很长的路要走,even if it's not a memory the two of you share.


Instead of stressing over what to buy,计划一个你们都能享受的活动或郊游。如果你想把它放在本地,查看您所在区域的活动日历。有那么多以节日为主题的活动和节日,使完美的节日约会之夜,就像滑冰,Christmas tree lighting,and traditional holiday shows like the Nutcracker.



工作之间,family obligations,旅行,购物,假期可能会有压力。So instead of shopping,cook—your sweetie will be grateful for a cozy night in,你可以用你的烹饪技巧给他或她留下深刻印象。


Turn it Into a Game

如果你同意交换礼物,把它变成一个有趣的事件而不是一个有压力的事件。Set a price range and time limit,go to your local mall or shopping center,and see what kind of gems you can find within your price range and time limit.在那里交换,或者保守秘密,把所有东西都包起来,以后再交换。

如果你还是被难住了,结帐结帐more fun gift ideas我们已经为你准备好了。只要记住,you don't have to spend or plan a lot to give a memorable gift to your new S.O.A simple DIY basket or custom playlist goes a long way in showing that you care.