A Little Throwback Thursday: If Spruce the Penguin Can Find Love Online,你也一样!

Remember Spruce the penguin from Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park whose caretakers,with the help of dating app大量的鱼,为他建立一个在线档案并找到了一个伴侣?


You Heard it Here First: Plenty of Fish Employees Share Their Best Expert Dating Advice

AS大量的鱼员工,在约会方面,我们已经很清楚地看到和听到了这一切。We completely understand dating can be stressful at times and very rewarding at others!但有时,especially at the start of a new year,you need a little boost in morale;所以今天我们集思广益,汇集我们最好的专家建议,以改善你的约会体验。You can apply the following tips to a first date,your online experience and your next relationship.If you have any dating questions you'd like us to answer,please feel free to comment on the post and we will try our best to provide the best possible advice!


Now that all the holiday madness,filled with excessive shopping,宴请和社交,is officially over,现在是时候重新开始你的每周例行公事了:睡觉(很多)。工作,吃,锻炼,save money and date.That's right – date!But you're wondering how the hell you're going to afford a night out on a strict budget…

The 8 New Dating Trends You Need To betway手机版Know Before The New Year: #7 Banksying

The artist Banksy,made headlines this year when his very famous带气球的女孩画是故意撕碎的,就在拍卖价超过100万英镑之后。Little did everyone betway手机版know,Banksy himself had secretly built the shredder into the frame years ago,waiting for the perfect time to shred the piece.The new piece of artwork is calledLove Is in The Bin.那么这和约会有什么关系呢?

Plenty of Fish Reveals Surge in Messaging for UK Singles During "The Festive Four"

The presents have been opened,the turkey has been eaten and the big day has passed.今天是12月27日。and we're now in the middle of an odd holiday limbo – done with celebrating Christmas,但热切地等待新年前夜。And while some of us may be spending time with loved ones,catching up on work,或者恢复心灵的平静(以及对人类的善意);大量的鱼is revealing another way UK singles are spending their time between December 27th to December 30th…you guessed it: online!


In the age of social media,我们正处在一个人人都知道的时代betway手机版每个人的生意,这对关系中的人来说尤其如此。