Plenty of Fish Reveals Surge in Messaging for UK Singles During "The Festive Four"

The presents have been opened,the turkey has been eaten and the big day has passed.今天是12月27日。and we're now in the middle of an odd holiday limbo – done with celebrating Christmas,但热切地等待新年前夜。虽然我们中的一些人可能会和所爱的人在一起,抓紧工作,或者恢复心灵的平静(以及对人类的善意);大量的鱼is revealing another way UK singles are spending their time between December 27th to December 30th…you guessed it: online!


In the age of social media,我们正处在一个人人都知道的时代betway手机版每个人的生意,这对关系中的人来说尤其如此。

The 8 New Dating Trends You Need To betway手机版Know Before The New Year: #4 You-Turning

He's got it all – sense of humour,伟大的外表,稳固的职业生涯;you are head over heels after date 1,2和3。就是这样,this is the guy,you're thinking.日期4,你把它带到下一个层次,在你最喜欢的一家餐馆吃一顿静坐晚餐!他看起来不错,and the conversation is flowing better than ever when suddenly he yells and snaps his fingers at the waiter for more water.Not only is this waiter a friend of yours since you frequent the joint,your new beau is now berating the waiter with mocking hostility.你想在那一刻蒸发掉。


Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought,哇!I wish my crush could see how great I look today!"or been out with friends and thought,"I wish my ex could see how much fun I'm having without him,"然后在Instagram上贴了张照片,希望有人能看到?

The 8 New Dating Trends You Need To betway手机版Know Before The New Year: #2 Cohabidating

假期可以很好,especially if you have a new beau to cozy up to,but once the season comes to an end it may have you thinking one of two things:

“今年假期过得很愉快!My new partner and I have spent so much time together,最重要的是我们已经保存了这么多钱giving gifts as a pair!"



听起来熟悉吗?好,我的朋友,you have just experienced the latest and quite possibly pettiest dating trend betway手机版known as吝啬鬼(/斯克罗京/)coined by dating app大量的鱼。